Xbox One Controller can be used on Windows Now


Many gamers love to do gaming on PC instead on consoles because PC gives much better graphics and power than consoles. But even on PC it is more comfortable to play with a gaming controller. Most of the PC gamers use to play with Xbox 360 controller. But they were unable to use Xbox One controller for gaming till now.

Back in November when Microsoft launched Xbox One it promised that it will soon make it possible to use Xbox One controller on Windows and the day has arrived. Microsoft released updates for Windows today which will let you use the Microsoft’s latest console’s controller on a Windows PC. Microsoft provided stand alone updates to install and then you will only need to just connect the controller in the USB hub and you are ready to play your favorite games on PC with Xbox One controller.

Drivers are different for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. You can download them now from the links below. Microsoft will provide the updates via Windows update as well in “near future”.

Download: 32-bit || 64-bit

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