Windows One will be a unified Operating System for all screen sizes

Satya Nedella

Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella has confirmed that Microsoft will merge all major versions of Windows into one operating system. Therefore we are looking forward to see a single Windows that will run in all devices “Windows One“. Addressing on the company’s quarterly earnings call a month ago (22/6/2014), Satya Nadella told Microsoft will “streamline the next version of Windows from three operating systems into one single converged operating system”. Elaborating more Nadella said “this means one operating system that covers all screen sizes”.

Previously if we look up the strategy of last CEO Steve Ballmer at that time Microsoft have multiple editions of Windows. And the Windows had some versions. Now Satya Nadella said “we have one team with a common architecture”. And that straightly means that nearly in upcoming months or year we would be watching unified Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox devices running a same OS. That could defiantly be helping developers across the world. This will moreover help in creation of universal apps and the idea behind merging the Windows Store and Windows will successful take place. But this time we are looking forward to merge the Xbox Store as well.

The company’s merging of its operating systems is a step away from its main rival. Apple keeps Mac OS and iOS separate but the ability to make apps that work on PCs, laptops, tablets, Windows Phones, and Xbox consoles right out of the gate should see the change welcomed by developers. Let’s see whether the concept presented by Satya Nadella how long would it take to accomplish. We know technology has no end but this would be a new turnover for Microsoft and its rival.

How you guys see this concept? Would it be beneficial for users? Give us your feedback!

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