UDOO BOLT: AMD Ryzen Embedded V1000 Hackerboard for AR/VR


In today’s world where everything seems to be within reach, but have you ever thought about combining a Macbook Pro, a powerful GPU and ARDUINO altogether? Yes that’s what I thought! But for some us who couldn’t even think about it, UDOO has already made this happen. Yes UDOO, who are famous for their powerful portable computers like UDOO x86 Ultra but this time they have come up with ridiculously amazing thing. They have come up with the new UDOO BOLT raising the Maker PCs to the very next level. In this article you’ll find anything you need to know about the new UDOO BOLT.

UDOO BOLT a gift form heavens:

The UDOO BOLT is a way out of the league of the current maker boards. It is a portable mini supercomputer that has the brand new AMD Ryzen Embedded V1000 with a powerful GPU that help you play everything you want on pure 4K ULTRA HD. It doesn’t run ARDUINO IDE but in fact it has a built in ARDUINO compatible platform. Isn’t it unbelievable?

UDOO BOLT VR / Ar Supported Raspberry Pi :

UDOO bolt is twice as fast as a Macbook Pro running an Intel i5 processor and thrice as powerful as a Macbook Air. It didn’t even show any decency to its predecessors like UDOO BOLT V3 and UDOO x86 ULTRA. It is 4.5 times faster that UDOO x86 ULTRA. For this purpose they are using AMD Ryzen Embedded V1000 the most powerful processor for Ultrathin Notebooks. All this for a low power comsumption of just 12-25W. I mean what have they done. Remarkable!


UDOO has slots for REM expansions. It has 2x SO-DIMM DUAL CHANNEL DDR4 2400 upto 32GB slots. Its multi core 64-bit CPU.Built in ARDUINO. A powerful GPU that helps you get 4k Ultra HD Display for high end games acheiving 60 FPS mark just like that. It has 2X HDMI 2.0 and 2x USB-C where you can plug in your displays. It can run Windows and LINUX. It has Grove Connectors to plug in base units and Grove modules. It is considered to be as powerful as Raspberry Pi3. With AMD Ryzen Embedded V1000, a ridiculously insane GPU, and an Arduino-compatible platform ready to be hacked, the UDOO BOLT is the front door to VR, AR, and Mixed Reality.It can add a 4-lanes-compatible external GPU for high end gaming experience too. All this in a 4.7 inch X 4.7 inch Board.

UDOO BOLT Price And Release Date:

This legend having so much marvels enclosed in it, is starting from just 229$. Is this even real? Pinch me Please. How can UDOO do this! Even though it is not yet confirmed that when UDOO will start shipping it but rumors are that UDOO BOLT will be available from December. Not too far and absolutely worth waiting for.

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