Things are Heating Up and Lots of Surprises are Coming in for One Piece in the Latest Chapter

One Piece chapter 956

One Piece chapter 956 has been released today and the latest chapter revealed more story progression in the One Piece world and introduced many mysteries and left the fans on a cliffhanger.

We all are familiar with One Piece, from anime fans to people who don’t watch anime is somehow familiar with One Piece. It is a manga series written and illustrated by the genius Eiichiro Oda. The manga started publishing in Weekly Shonen Jump and is currently the best selling manga of all time with 454 million copies worldwide. The series became the fastest-selling manga for 11 consecutive years in 2018. Thanks to the genius storytelling of Oda. The latest chapter has just been released and boy it was amazing. Check out the details right down below.

Note: The article contains huge spoilers so if you’re not up-to-date with the story we recommend you to stop reading.

One Piece chapter 956

One Piece Chapter 956 Details more about the world besides Wano Arc

It has been almost 2 years since Wano Arc started in the manga and Oda has been taking his sweet time to progress the story. The arc is kept coming closer to end but we’re still not sure when it will end or what will happen next. One the other hand we have literally no idea what is happening in the Marines, Revolutionary Army, Warlords and in today’s chapter many of our questions have been answered but they are answered with more questions.

At the beginning of the chapter, we’ve shown the meeting of Luffy’s granddad, Monkey D. Garp, with King Neptune where Garp discusses something that has been going on in the Marines.

One Piece manga

At the end of their meeting, Garp mentions about some incident which happened in the Alabasta Kingdom.

reading more into the manga the author hints that something either terrible or something good has happened to Luffy’s brother Sabo. Oda didn’t reveal what happened to him but judging from the reaction of the people our guess is something terrible happened to Sabo. Something that happened to Ace.

One Piece

At the end, the author reveals the abolition of the Shichibukai (warlord) system which is probably the most interesting and surprising reveal of the chapter. After the end there are so many questions which arise to the mind where comes the theories.

Let’s talk about the starting of the chapter if you remember the Alabasta Arc Crocodile mentioned about getting the ancient weapon Pluton. Now bearing that in mind, from the reaction of Garp we believe that the Ancient weapon is discovered and fell into the hands of pirates or something. It could also be the arrival of Ace Devil Fruit which Blackbeard seemed to get ASAP. There are so many questions arise after this ridiculous chapter. What are your views about One Piece chapter 956? Let us know down in the comments below.



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