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Melissa McCarthy is back on the big screen to play another obnoxiously hilarious heroine in “Tammy,” but there seems to be one big problem: It’s not that funny. She had played side roles in hit movies like The Heat and Identity Thief. This time she got the opportunity to support the whole movie herself however Tammy is instead really just a side step.

Tammy Movie Review

The movie Tammy is an irreverent, uneven buddy comedy that’s heavy on depressing moments, primarily because the main character (Melissa McCarthy) seems lost and bears the brunt of the film’s jokes. Even her grandmother (Susan Sarandon) forgets that she has feelings. It may be too bitter a pill for tweens and young teens. There’s also lots of swearing and drinking; one character is an alcoholic who behaves cruelly when she’s drunk and also relies on prescription drugs obtained illegally. It’s implied that a couple has sex in the back of a car; nothing sensitive is shown, but the car rocks. Also there are sexual language/references/discussions in it.Tammy - 4

The film seems like a Man trying to climb a tree to get the fruit of that tree but falling, Trembling & shaking again & again and ultimately getting nothing in hand.

Tammy - 3

The script of the Tammy is not something to be called extra ordinary to seek the viewers’ attention. The film is shockingly small scale for a road trip comedy, and includes some rather hasty and superfluous plot components, like a nascent romantic relationship between Tammy and a guy she meets at a bar played by Mark Duplass. The not so unique or creative funny scenes of the movie were able offer up deep laughs on faces.

The setup is promising, but the casting is not appropriate. McCarthy is 43, Janney 52, and Sarandon 66 going on 40. Seriously, Sarandon is more gorgeous than she has been in any film. We admire McCarthy’s casting and playing someone real. She’s not much of an actress. Tammy runs afoul of some potholes, it never goes completely off the road and eventually rights itself, thanks to one rowdy cast of actors and characters riding shotgun. Sigh!

Tammy - 2

May be she was not the right choice or the director could have directed something grotesque with the impact of a mind blowing script that could have been made people laugh for hours and hours.McCarthy won’t make you cry in hysterics but she holds her own comedic ally, both alone and playing off of McCarthy. Tammy isn’t a movie that people will be expecting to watch if they are eager to see a Good comedy movie. The leaps and bound of comedy in the movie just extend the movie for no reason. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes not so much. It makes sharp turns toward weepiness, flaunts ridiculous situations and unlikely relationships and depends almost completely on the lovability of its title character.

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