T-FORCE XCALIBUR DDR4 3600MHz and DDR4 4000MHz Memory Announced, Price and Details


The Taiwanese Company TEAMGROUP has released and announced the sale of dual channel  memory kit, T-FORCE XCALIBUR DDR4. The design of the novelty is somewhat similar to the handle of a sword. It is equipped with aluminium radiators and multi-color illumination. T-Force Xcalibur comes in two ultra high frequency versions, one 3600 MHz and other 4000 MHz. It would be a great addition to your PC specially for those who customize their PC themselves. It will provide their PCs speed and solid strength.


The T-FORCE XCALIBUR DDR4 are designed to work with two ultra-high frequencies, DDR4 3600MHz and DDR4 4000MHz  that support the total capacity of 16GB(2x8GB). It works at nominal voltage of 1.35 V. Like everyother overclocking memory kit. T-Force Xcalibur come with a lifetime manufacturer warranty. It supports the profile of Intel XMP 2.0 so there is no need adjust BIOS separately. These modules are based on the selected IC chips manufactured by Samsung. It offers quality, A1 performance, compatibility and stability.

T-FORCE XCALIBUR Memory Product Specifications

Module Type288 Pin Unbuffered DIMM Non ECC
Data Transfer Bandwidth28,800 MB/s
(PC4 28800)
32,000 MB/s
(PC4 32000)
Dimensions145.8(L) x 51.7(W) x 8.8(H)mm
Heat SpreaderAluminum heat spreader
WarrantyLifetime warranty

The T-FORCE XCALIBUR DDR4 has a full 120 ultra wide angle,full luminous and flashy RGB lighting at the top. The RGB lighting can be controled by using T-Force Blitz utility or synchronize it with the ASUS Aura Sync system. After synchronization you will get 8 types of lighting built-in effects. Users can change the lighting manually according to their own personal preferred style. Teamgroup will also launch T-force Xcalibur’s special edition, which would be remarkable for its accord styling.


Frequency  / CapacityGeneric EditionSpecial Edition
DDR4 3600  8G X2$235$239
DDR4 4000  8G X2$295$299

T-Force Xcalibur RGB memory kits will be available from the fisrt of July globally. Team Group will release two versions of this amazing memory module, one general version and one special version. The special version will have additional features like more fancy RGB lighting and price will vary a bit.

The generic DDR4 3600 MHz will cost us 235 dollars and the special version of the same frequency will cost about 240 dollars. For the case of DDR4 4000 MHz, the generic version will cost 295 dollars and special version will cost us 299$.

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