iOS 7 came with lot of great and exciting features! However, it was observed from the first beta release of iOS 7; there was no share widgets in Notification Centre. Although it seems quite awkward i.e. placing Twitter and Facebook share widgets in Notification Centre. But for users, it is of quite use. The users kept waiting till the official release of iOS 7 to have hands on these widgets but unfortunately, iOS 7 Notification Centre have no Share Widgets.


The latest jailbreak tweak i.e. Share Widget for iOS 7 solves the issue for you. Many jailbreak tweaks for iOS 7 have already started releasing since the update to MobileSubstrate. The new widget is developed by Merlin Mao. It brings the share widgets of social sites i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo to Notification Centre’s Today tab.

The jailbreak tweak is absolutely FREE of cost. You can search for the tweak at Cydia store to have hand on it. After installing the Share Widget for iOS 7 tweak, head to Settings app. Navigate to Notification Centre. Here you can now enable the installed tweak. Moreover, you can also select the social sites whom widgets you wanna see on Notification Centre.



After enabling the sites you wanna see. Share Widget for iOS 7 now enables you to tweet or post to Facebook in the same way as in iOS 6. The tweak comes with both layouts i.e. Regular and Compact. However at the current moment, only Regular layout is enabled.


Hey guys, were you missing the share widgets? Do let us know your thoughts in your comments!