Samsung Galaxy S5 Official Features and Release Date

It is time for Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Every tech company is there to show their upcoming products and gadgets. Samsung is also there and all the hype about Samsung Unpacked is also there. The much anticipated device of MWC is Samsung Galaxy S5. Sony and HP also showed their new smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 is now official and live at MWC, Barcelona. All the rumors about Samsung Galaxy S5 finally comes to peace. With release of Galaxy S5.  Just like Note 3 S5 is full of features and enhancements to blow of users mind. President and CEO JK Shin unveiled the phone. Luckily this time Samsung took the criticism by heart and made S5 with fresh and improved gear.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Back


galaxy s5

Talking about Samsung Galaxy S5 Features, Samsung Galaxy S5 has new range of hardware. S5 comes with fingerprint scanner, heart rate sensor and micro-USB 3.0. Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with Android KitKat 4.4 on the top is touch wiz. Under the hood, Samsung Galaxy S5 features 2.5GHz Snapdragon 800 processors, 2GB Ram, an IR remote, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, Cat 4 LTE and 32 GB max memory. You can use extended 64 GB microSD card.

Samsung Galaxy S5 is the first S family phone that is water and dust resistant. S5 boosts 2,800mAh battery which is higher than Samsung Galaxy S4.


Samsung is really impress from Apple TouchID and finally decided to add a fingerprint scanner and Heart Rate sensor. Fingerprint Scanner work by sliding down the finger on lock. It also allows you to fingerprint lock on the data locker.

Display and Look:


It also features a 16 MP camera and 5.1 Full HD display. Display on S5 is really crisp and beautiful. The 1080p display is really enhanced with super diming option. There is plastic leather back with perforated design. There is detachable cover. Behind the phone is Batter and microSD card slot. Samsung Galaxy S5 is really thin. Metallic rim around the corners.

Batter and Modes:


Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with a powerful battery and user modes. Due to fingerprint scanner, Samsung Galaxy S5 offers various operating modes. Using fingerprint scanner you can Select Secure Mode. Where you can directly access the secured and encrypted data. There is a kid’s mode where parents can decide which application kids can use on their phone. Then there is Parent mode.

Batter is really awesome. With Ultra Power Saving mode on S5 can last 24 hours just at 10% battery reaming. When Ultra Saving Mode is on it shuts all the unnecessary services and turn the display to black consume less power and lasts hours.

galaxy s5

Samsung Galaxy S5 will come in April. There is no prices told at the moment. You can also use PayPal using your fingerprint scanner. Accessories that will come with Samsung Galaxy S5 are S View Covers, Flip Covers, wireless chargers and Premium Headphones.


Samsung Galaxy S5 also covers various aspects of human health by using heart rate sensor. For this there comes a Samsung’s Life Coach App which is part of S life health suite.


Samsung Galaxy S5 Gears

Samsung Galaxy S5 also comes with two new gears. Gear 2 and Gear Fit. We will later cover and discuss about gears so stay tuned. We hope you are also excited for the Samsung Galaxy S5 as much we are. Don’t forget to share your thoughts about Samsung Galaxy S5. Release Date of Samsung Galaxy S5 is April 11.

Source: The Verge