OnePlus 5 launch event to be held on June 20

OnePlus 5-F

Recently, we heard a rumor, that got the hopes of OnePlus fans high, and it said that the OnePlus 5 would be launched on the 20th of June. Today, the Chinese company confirmed this information, officially announcing that it will unveil its new smartphone on the date mentioned above.

People who had subscribed to the company’s newsletter received an email asking them to get ready for the launch event on June 20, happening online. This event will take place 12 PM EDT, and the official keynote will be streaming live over the internet. In addition to this, there are going to be several pop-up events organized by the company, showcasing the new device in different cities all around the world.

OnePlus 5

There is also a special landing page created by OnePlus that looks like the screenshot attached above. This page, mainly, allows you to register your email with the company if you want to receive “exclusive news on the OnePlus 5 before everyone else”.

“Focus on what really matters” could either be about the amazing features of the smartphone, or it could be about the dual rear camera that the device is speculated to be equipped with. This camera could make the images look more like ones taken by DSLRs due to the background blur/refocus feature. We’ll have to wait till the 20th of this month to know what that text is actually about, though.

The CEO of OnePlus, Pete Lau, teased the audience with a picture he posted on Weibo (Chinese social network) taken from his OnePlus 5. Even though, the picture has been taken in low light but OnePlus 5’s 16 megapixel camera did an amazing job.

OnePlus 5-1

The company has already announced that the smartphone will be equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 chipset. It is also speculated that the phone could be thinner than its market rivals, and could be available in more colors than any of OnePlus’s previous models.
Let’s wait and see if these speculations are true.

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