NVIDIA Presentation About Mainstream GPU completely disappeared from Hot Chip program

NVIDIA Presentation

As we all were anxiously waiting for the NVIDIA Presentation about the upcoming mainstream GPUs. After Computex all eyes were set on the Hot Chip program. Everyone was expecting that Nvidia will come up with the news about launch of their upcoming turing graphics card. It was expected that the Vice President of Nvidia’s GPU ASIC engineering will give the presentation.

NVIDIA Presentation completely gone missing:

Earlier this month there was news that Nvidia has postponed NVIDIA Presentation for this event. But that was fine. But the thing is that now NVIDIA Presentation for this event has completely gone missing. In the end of the month may there was a slot given for the Nvidia’s presentation. After somedays the slot was replaced with the schedule to be declare later. And now the slot for Nvidia’s presentation has totally gone out of the context.

This was the position of the slot on 31st May 2018. On the 3rd of June the slot suffered some changings as below.

Now that there is no new about the Nvidia next conference about the upcoming GPUs, we cannot say much about the release of the Turing Series. It is expected that Nvidia is bringing these GPUs for consumer and professional sectors. As there is no news about the upcoming new turing series, Pascal is currently the fastest GPU series that’s been ruling the GPU market for almost two years now. Silence has been kept from AMD too. AMD would have to come up with their GPU series this year. As both AMD and Nvidia are using 7nm so it might take some more time to enter their GPU to enter mass production. People are anxiously waiting for something new to come up. As spending money on a 2 year old Pascal series would not be a good option. For more news and rumors stay tunned.


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