Nvidia GTX 1180 Specs and Price Leaked


We’ve been waiting for new Nvidia Graphics Cards for quite a while now. There was an announcement that their next generation GPUs will be 1100 series cards. And of course, there have been countless speculations about the new cards, their specifications, price and availability.

Well, it appears like we might have gotten access to the specifications and price of the next generation Nvidia GTX 1180 with a possible release in Summer this year. However, these specifications might change overtime. After all, this is a speculation and a rumor.

NVIDIA GTX 1180 Specifications:

The comparison for this card can be made with the current generation GTX 1080. There are some interesting things to see in the specifications for this upcoming NVIDIA GPU. It will be based on Turing architecture unlike the Pascal architecture of 1080. Fitted with a 12nm FinFET lithography, the NVIDIA GTX 1180 will feature a 8-16GB GDDR6 memory. And although it looks like the bus width on this new card is 256-bit as compared to the 352-bit GTX 1080Ti, the 1080Ti’s bus was actually 1.38x wider than 1180, which means that the latest NVIDIA card will actually have more bandwidth with a 16Gbps RAM and up to 1.51x faster performance than its predecessor (wccftech claims). If these performance improvements turn out to be true, that’s a pretty decent improvement in two years.

Apart from that, there’s been some other improvements in the specifications as well. You can take a detailed look at the specifications of NVIDIA GTX 1180 in the table below. They’re being compared to the current gen GTX 1080 for reference:


NVIDIA GTX 1180 Price:

Of course we want to know the price of the upcoming NVIDIA GPU. Well, the GTX 1180 is said to be priced at $699. That is a tad bit higher than the 1080 when it came out: $600. The higher price could be because of the cryptocurrency mining surge, or it could be because of GDDR6 memory. Anyways, stay tuned for more information on NVIDIA GPU’s soon. And let us know what you think about this new card from NVIDIA in the comments below.

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