We are far beyond iPhone 8. It may take two or three years to come as Apple has only reached iPhone 6. As we know, Apple introduced iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in September, first time two different variants of iPhone on a single launch. We expect to see iPhone 6S next year and afterwards, iPhone 7, iPhone 7S and lastly iPhone 8 may come.

However, when you are a die-hard Apple fan, you keep on thinking about upcoming iPhones. What if iPhone 8 is too far? Can’t we think about it? So, this is how Apple fans are enthusiasts regarding upcoming iPhones. Therefore, a fan of Apple who is a designer too named Steel Drake has put forward iPhone 8 concept. He has published the pictures of Behance website. The designer is of the view that the new iPhone 8 is not as far as one has been thinking of. Apple may kill its pattern of introducing iPhone models. You may not witness ‘S’ models in future.

Here are the images that show the design of Apple’s future iPhone 8,

iphone-8-concept-steel-drake-1 iphone-8-concept-steel-drake-2 iphone-8-concept-steel-drake-3 iphone-8-concept-steel-drake-4 iphone-8-concept-steel-drake-5 iphone-8-concept-steel-drake-6 iphone-8-concept-steel-drake-7 iphone-8-concept-steel-drake-8 iphone-8-concept-steel-drake-9Wow! That looks quite attractive! It’s too early to say anything authentic and genuine regarding iPhone 8 and its release. Still, this concept explains much about the future of smartphones and its design, in particular. We are stepping in to a new era of technology. We can see something quite innovative in upcoming iPhone models. So, till then, it’s better to wait and watch!