Modern Combat 5:Blackout is here for Windows Phone, Windows 8.1, Android and iOS, Costs $6.99


After about a year of announcements and some trailers, The best FPS game for smartphones, Modern Combat 5 is finally here. The game has even better graphics, sounds, and controls. The gameplay is pretty impressive too.

The game has both single player and multiplayer mode. Single player mode has 6 chapters to play with several sub missions. Each sub mission has 3 optional objectives like getting a specific number of head-shots, melee kills, explosives kills and not letting your health down. And in mutiplayer mode each chapter has its own map to play. Mutiplayer includes the same fun, shooting your enemies and increase your score in different maps. To find more about game, check out our detailed post about Modern Combat 5 here.


The game is available now for all major platforms Andoroid, iOS, Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.1. It requires Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to run on Android devices, iOS 7 on iPhone and iPad and on Windows Phone, it requires at least 1 GB of RAM. People with 512 MB devices wont be able to play Modern Combat 5.

The game costs $6.99 and there are no in-app purchases this time (thanks to Gameloft). All your chapters will be downloaded in the background while you start the game and start playing the first chapter. Download the game from the respective link below and start enjoying the best FPS gaming experience on mobile devices.

Download: Android || iOS || Windows Phone || Windows 8.1