Modern Combat 5: Blackout Game Details and Availability [Trailer]

Modern Combat 5: Blackout is next installment in popular FPS Modern Combat series for smartphones. Modern Combat 4 was the best FPS game I’ve ever played on my Android phone. It gives you beautiful graphics and visuals with an excellent gameplay of multiple hours. Now as Gameloft is releasing Modern Combat 5, Our expectations are getting high from it. You can watch the trailer of the latest installment above.

Modern Combat 5 has even better graphics, better gameplay and more action. Blackout has single player and multiplayer gaming mode. The single player has 6 chapters to play which have few main missions with several sub missions. There are a few spec ops missions available to play as well. Each sub mission has 3 optional objectives objectives like getting a specific number of head-shots, melee kills, explosives kills and not letting your health down. By completing these optional objectives, new items are unlocked, such as new weapons and weapon upgrades.


You can play as assault, heavy, recon, and sniper. Each class has different weapons and different skills. which includes getting a specific amount of damage by explosives and different reload speed for each class etc. Some classes have faster reload speed than others and some classes take less damage from explosives. As mentioned, each class has different weapons. Once you select your class you can select from variety of weapons and customize them as you do in Call of Duty. Like you can add silencer and scopes to different weapons. You can pick 2 guns at a time. Moreover you have knives, grenades and a special drone. Drone can be used to reveal the position of all enemies in the area.


The action of Modern Combat 5 is more explosive this time. There are bullets everywhere and a number of explosions are taking place around you while you move. Cars blast around you and they go into the air and then land on the earth after some flips in the air. You can shoot cylinders to make explosions to kill your several enemies immediately by a blast. You can control the bullet until it hits its target. It also includes remote control drone attacks and shooting while in the cover. Which makes the gameplay even more interesting and fun. Music and sound effects are also perfect.


In mutiplayer mode each chapter has its own map to play. Mutiplayer includes the same fun, shooting your enemies and increase your score in different maps. One thing to remember is that game does not even start without internet connection. Not even single player mod.

Game will be available on July 24 for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The price is set to $6.99 which is pretty decent for both multiplayer and single player. You don’t have to pay for multiplier separately. All levels will be downloaded seperately once you unlock them.