Lawn Mowing Simulator Logitech Wheel issue – Fix (Steam)

Can't use your new racing hweel to cut grass? Here is how you can do it

Lawn Mowing Simulator is a new simulation game that just got released recently and is developed by Skyhook Games and published by Curve Digital. Do you ever look outside your window and glance at your grass and feel the need to cut it but you are just too lazy to cut it? Well, then this game is for you so you can at least cut some virtual grass while you procrastinate to cut the real one. This guide will tell you how to fix the Lawn Mowing Simulator Logitech wheel issue so you can get the real experience.

If you have a Logitech racing wheel then you can actually use it for this game as it has full support for a multitude of Logitech gaming wheels such as the G920, G29, G923, and Logitech Farm Simulator. If you are facing problems like your wheel not being detected or that it is too sensitive then follow the steps below.

The wheel isn’t detected

Many players are running into this issue even though the game has full native support for these Logitech wheels. If you are having problems with your wheel not getting detected then you should uninstall the legacy software for Logitech. Instead, you should use another software. Install Logitech G-HUB and verify your wheel is visible there. Logitech G-HUB is now more widely used for their racing wheels and has better support for them.

There’s too much force feedback and sensitivity is too less

If you feel that there is too much force feedback on your wheel or if it’s not sensitive enough then you can try adjusting and tuning some settings in Logitech G-HUB. Go into the settings and set the Steering Wheel Operating Range in the software to 360 instead of 900 which is set there by default. Also, you can set the sensitivity to 50 if you feel it is currently less, and center spring strength to 0.

Lawn Mowing Simulator on Steam

You should now not be having the Lawn Mowing Simulator Logitech Wheel issue and should be able to play it with your expensive racing wheel; though it’s not racing right now. But hey, it works because the game has support for it. The game is also having a special promotional offer of 15% off that ends on 24th August 2021. So make sure to check out its Steam page.

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