Intel Launches Intel 8th Gen Coffee Lake: 6 Cores Price and Specs

Intel 8th Gen Coffee Lake

Intel’s processors could be called the most popular processors in the tech industry. And they have been releasing new ones very often. After Broadwell, Skylake and Kaby Lake, Intel has now unveiled its new Intel 8th gen Coffee Lake processors.

The tech industry has been looking forward to the release of these new processors. These Coffee Lake processors are said to be fast and more advanced. Intel also launched its advanced Iris Graphics which have up to 128 MB eDRAM cache. These graphics integrate with the latest Coffee Lake Mobile CPUs.

What’s New in Intel 8th Gen Coffee Lake Processors?

The latest Intel Coffee Lake processors have been launched and everyone is asking the same question. What’s new? Well, people over there at Intel took it to themselves to elaborate what will be offered in the new Coffee Lake 8th generation processors.

New Intel Coffee Lake lineup consists of four chips. Intel claims they’re faster and better performing, hence, they will be priced at a slightly higher cost than their usual processors. Here are some of the most prominent features that Intel themselves mentioned:

The chips will contain up to four cores, 8 threads. Intel Coffee Lake lineup will be featured with Intel Iris Plus Graphics. Moreover, it will have New Mobile Intel 300 Series chipset With Enhanced Audio and I/ONew Integrated Intel Wireless-AC With Gigabit Throughput, New High Speed Integrated USB 3.1 Gen2 (10 Gb/s), First Intel Optane Memory Laptop Solution and More On-Package eDRAM (128 MB).

Intel 8th Gen Coffee Lake
Some key features of the new Intel Coffee Lake processors.

It is worth noting here that the increase in eDRAM is twice than it previously was. We have seen 64 MB eDRAM in the previous models of Intel processors but with 128MB now, it certainly is a big jump.

Intel Coffee Lake Specifications:

The flagship model in Intel Coffee Lake processors is the Core i7-8559U. With 4 cores and 8 threads, this model features a 2.7 GHz base clock and boostable up to 4.5 GHz and 8MB L3 cache.

The detailed specifications of all models can be found below:

CPU NameIntel Core i3-8109UIntel Core i5-8259UIntel Core i5-8269UIntel Core i7-8559U
CPU FamilyCoffee Lake-UCoffee Lake-UCoffee Lake-UCoffee Lake-U
PlatformMainstream MobileMainstream MobileMainstream MobileMainstream Mobile
CPU Cores2444
CPU Threads4888
Base Clock3.0 GHz2.3 GHz2.6 GHz2.7 GHz
Boost Clock3.6 GHz3.8 GHz4.2 GHz4.5 GHz
L3 Cache4 MB6 MB6 MB8 MB
GPU (EUs)Iris Plus 650 48 EUsIris Plus 650 48 EUsIris Plus 650 48 EUsIris Plus 650 48 EUs
eDRAM Cache128 MB128 MB128 MB128 MB


Intel Coffee Lake

What do you think of the latest Intel Coffee Lake lineup? Let us know in the comments below.

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