How to skip Ghostrunner Intro Videos PC (Steam/GOG/EGS)

skip Ghostrunner Intro Videos

Ghostrunner is a cyberpunk action video game from One More Level, All in Games, and 505 Games. The title is now available on PC via Steam, GOG, and Epic Games Store, and on Xbox One and PS4. The Nintendo Switch version is coming out next month. If you are on PC and want to skip the Ghostrunner intro videos, here is how you can easily do it is how you can fix it.

The title has been received quite positively by both critics and gamers. It has a Very Positive rating on Steam and an 82 score at Metacritic.

Skip Ghostrunner Intro Videos

If you want to skip the annoying videos at the start of the game, follow the steps below.

  • Head over to where the game is installed, and navigate to the following folders
  • Here, delete or rename the following files

After you do this, you won’t have to watch the videos anymore. Now, these might be restored with an update, so you will have to follow the steps again.

For the most part, Ghostrunner performs very well, and most people aren’t running into any major issues. It looks fantastic, even on console, and is available on a variety of PC clients.

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Ghostrunner on PC

You can now purchase the game on PC, from the following links.

The GOG version is DRM-free as usual. It is currently 20% off at these stores, and the sale ends on 3rd November 2020 on Steam.

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