How to Fix Water & Lava Shader Issues on Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster

final fantasy pixel remaster

Square Enix has recently launched the remasters of their very first Final Fantasy games called Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster. Square Enix has worked hard on each of these remasters and added many new features to them like new dungeons and hand-drawn art. All of these games are completely built up from zero and make sure that you get the same great experience with some new tweaks.

However, these games come with a few problems. Like the default font looked very ugly and we already wrote a guide on how to fix it. Some users are now reporting shader issues with water and lava which is annoying.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Water and Lava Shader Issue

You can fix the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Water and Lava Shader issues by following these simple steps.

  • Open Settings from your Start Menu.
  • Now go to Time and Language Settings
  • Go to the “Language” settings as shown in the picture and select “Regional Format”
  • Now select the Regional Format as “English (United States) as shown in the screenshot below.

All Done

That’s it. Now restart your computer and launch the game again. You’ll see that all the water and lava shader issues in the game are gone.

More about Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster was released on 28th July 2021. It is a 2D remaster of the legendary Japanese RPG that spawned one of the biggest franchises in gaming. Square Enix has added some new friendly towns and deadly dungeons to explore here. As intended, traveling over lands and through the dungeons will trigger random encounters with monsters. These battles reward you with experience points which are also slightly altered in this remaster.

Visually, this remaster has massively improved how the game looks. Characters, monsters and environments are redrawn and uplifted with additional colors and characters. However, everything captures the spirit of adventure of the original game. The game also introduced a newly rearranged soundtrack which perfectly captures the beauty of the original compositions. The music adds a whole other layer of enjoyment to this epic adventure.

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