How to fix Trackmania FPS Issues on PC (Uplay/Epic Games Store)

Trackmania FPS issues

Trackmania is a racing game series developed by Nadeo. Unlike typical racing games where the players will have to race a specific track with choosing a car from different options, in Trackmania players can build their own tracks with the “building block” process. The game is free to play and can be downloaded either from Epic Games Store or from Uplay. The game isn’t exactly demanding and should run smoothly with medium to high-end PCs. According to some players, that’s not the case. I’ll mention some workarounds down below to fix Trackmania FPS issues on PC.

The issue happens when the game is started with the controller plugged in. One of the solution requires the game to be started without the controller plugged in. More details will be down below so, stick around.

Fix Trackmania FPS Issues on PC

Trackmania 2020 is a remake of Trackmania Nations, which was released On January 27, 2006. The announcement was made on February 29, 2020. Due to COVID-19 delay, the game was released on July 1, 2020, instead of the initial release date of May 5, 2020. Now to fix Trackmania FPS issues you will have to:

Method -1: Unplugging the Controller

All of the workaround are very straight forward and can be done in no time.

  • For this method unplug your controller before running the game. After running the game try plugging it back

NOTE: If you’re facing issue without controller you can skip this step.

Method – 2: Alt-Tabbing

  • In this method, while playing the game on low FPS, try to Alt-Tab by pressing the Alt + Tab key on the keyboard and repeat again to bring the game back on the screen.

Method – 3: Lower Settings

  • In this method try lowering graphical settings. This problem could arise when the game demands high resources but the PC doesn’t have them.
  • Try lowering Anti-Aliasing two either 2X or turn it off. It might make the game look jaggy but Anti-Aliasing takes so much GPU power and lowering or disabling it will help a lot.
  • You can also set the shadows off or set them at low quality.
  • You can experiment with other options to get the maximum FPS out of the game.

Method – 4: Update GPU drivers

A simple yet effective solution, sometimes just updating the drives can resolve multiple issues. If your graphic drivers aren’t up-to-date you can download them from the links down below.

  • Nvidia users can download the latest Game Ready driver from this link.
  • AMD users can download the latest Adrenalin 2020 Edition drivers from this link.

Hope this helps, let us know if any of the methods helps in fixing Trackmania 2020 fps issue on Windows 10.

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