How to adjust the Twin Mirror FOV on PC (Epic Games Launcher)

adjust twin mirror fov
Twin Mirror

Twin Mirror is the latest IP from the makers of Life is Strange, DONTNOD. It’s a narrative-driven game, with an emphasis on choice, and a unique mind palace mechanic. Players take on the role of Sam Higgs who has to uncover a mystery by pricing together his memory using the mind place. The game is out now, and if you want to adjust the Twin Mirror FOV on PC, here is how you can do it.

PC users can purchase the game through the Epic Games Store, and play right now. This is the second game DONTNOD has released this year, the first being the episode adventure, Tell Me Why. The PC version is running smoothly so far as well, just like Tell Me Why.

Adjust the Twin Mirror FOV on PC

FOV, or Field of View as evident from the name is the observable area players see in a game. Ideally, games include the option to adjust it, but it is less common in third-person games. Twin Mirror doesn’t feature it, but you can change it using an Unreal Engine 4 tool.

Adjust using the Unreal Engine 4 Console Unlocker

  • Download the Universal Unreal Engine 4 Unlocker
  • Extract it using compression software like Winrar
  • Launch Twin Mirror
  • Run UuuClient.exe
  • Click ‘Select’ to select the process to inject the DLL into
  • Once the injection succeeds, press ~ in-game to bring up the UE4 console (you can press once to bring up the mini-console and twice to show the full thing).
  • Enter FOV X, where X is the desired value of the FOV (Example: FOV 110)

If you want to reset it, simply don’t add the value of X.

We hope that developers add an option for it, but it’s not that common to add an FOV slider after the game has been out. Apart from this, the game looks great and runs fairly well too, and you can check out the system requirements here.

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