Twelve South HiRise is the perfect ‘charging’ stand for iPhone and iPad Mini


You find a large number of stands that can hold your iPhone. Their design can vary however all of them are mean to provide a perfect stand for iPhone. It becomes difficult to choose the one which can serve the role best. Here we will introduce you to a bit old but an excellent stand for iPhone which can even be used for charging purpose.

Twelve South HiRise stand for iPhone differs from typical iOS device docks. It holds your iPhone bit high in the air which can prove very beneficial. With HiRise stand, you can hold iPhone 5S, iPhone 5, iPod touch, iPod nano and iPad Mini. The stand can also be your charging solution too. Don’t miss the details about HiRise stand ahead.


The aluminum-made HiRise stand is made of three parts i.e. base, back and upright part. The smooth base ensures firm contact with table on which the stand is placed. You can place your iPhone on back and upright part. The later one prevents your device from falling or slipping off the back part.


You can place the stand than on your table. The stand can be best solution for you if you want to use your iPhone without holding it in your hands. You can even view portrait videos. Moreover, you can have some great video calls experience, as your camera remains still.

That’s not all! The perfect stand for iPhone can serve your charging need too, when needed. Keeping it placed on the stand, you can easily wire it through Lightning connector. The connector is positioned so nicely that it would not disturb your iPhone position.


Here is an installation video guide for HiRise stand,

In short words, HiRise is a great stand for iPhone and other iOS devices. It is constructed in a way that it meets your daily requirements and purposes. The stand costs $35 and can be ordered from Amazon.

Well guys, iPhone 6 is also about to come. We will surely have some more accessories on our hand at that time. But, you surely don’t wanna miss this one. Hope, HiRise stand supports iPhone 6 too.

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