Google’s Android Logo changed

Android L

HTC Dream was the first ever Android device. In October, 2008, the first Android device became commercially available. From that day onwards, we have seen constant improvement and development in Android. Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony etc. all have played their parts in showing the best of Android. But yes, Google has been perfect with its Nexus line ups. They have shown complete vanilla Android with maximum hardware and minimal price.
Earlier this month it was leaked that Google is going to change its Android logo. And confirming this leak Google revealed its new Android logo at Google I/O today.

New logo is completely different from the old one that is used for 5 and half years now. It has now all the lower case letters and has more softer and friendlier feel.  It bears little resemblance to Bloomingdale department store chain. But that would be highly coincidental and certainly unintentional. But associating the Android community with a high retailer such as Bloomingdale would not be a bad idea. Google has now launched the Android Wear. This platform can certainly release a wave of new high-end smart watches. Here is the current logo of Bloomingdale.


Android is now 5 and a half years old and it is not a bad idea to change the icon after such amount of time.

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