Facebook, the social media giant wants to come into PC gaming and give a direct competition to Steam, the already established PC gaming platform.

Facebook introduced Gameroom, the PC gaming client like Steam and Origin. The Gameroom is available now and can be downloaded for any PC running Windows 7 or newer, as reported by Gadgets Post.


The main screen of the client shows all of your Facebook games and native Gameroom games as well.

The games are divided into several categories as well. You can choose your favorite category to find and play your favorite game. You can login, logout of the client anytime, just like Steam.


Facebook is trying to give a competition to Steam, which has already more than 120 million active users. You’ve heard of DOTA, right? DOTA is an online MOBA game which has over 13 million monthly active users.

Facebook really has to make some excellent strategies to grow its gaming platform. It has the big benefit of its social network which has more than 1.5 billion users. Now Facebook has to  convince developers about the benefits it has got because of its social network and how their games can reach to millions of people.

You can download the Gameroom here. Tell us what do you think about it?