Download Microsoft Edge Browser for Android and iOS (APK|iPA)

Microsoft Edge Browser

All of us surely remember the time when we had to deal with the agonizingly slow Mircosoft Internet Explorer browser. Most of us had alternates like Google Chrome, downloaded just so they would not have to go through the torture and delay that the Internet Explorer put us through. But, those days are definitely over and, Mircosoft’s Edge browser is going strong, so far. And, now, Microsoft’s star browser would not be limited to only your PC; it is coming to iOS and Android (the beta version is already here!)

Making their browser available on Android and iOS was the next step we expected Microsoft to take, in order to work better with smartphones. Mircosoft’s Edge browser has a unique feature that makes it stand out among all the other browsers you can use on your smartphone. It has a ‘continue on PC’ feature, which lets you continue your browsing where you left it off on your smartphone. Cool, right?

The Edge browser has a lot more to offer than just the ‘continue on PC’ feature. Having the iOS and Android app, allows you to access your history, favorites, reading list and ebooks. Joe Belfiore, fro Microsoft, says that they still have to work on the desktop version of Edge to support the smartphone app.

Microsoft edge

The favorites and reading list syncing features enable us to get a comfortable and familiar feel of the feed on opening a new tab on the Edge app for smartphones. Microsoft seems to be aiming the Edge browser app at iPhone and Android users since there is support for tablets just yet. The Edge browser app does not make use of the Apple Pencil yet either.

On the bright side, Edge on iOS and Android does not limit your queries to Microsoft’s Bing search engine. It gives you a free hand to choose from Google or Yahoo. The settings in the browser are limited to blocking pop-ups and cookies, clearing browsing history and controlling password/form saves. The browser lacks built-in ad blocking. It uses the Blink rendering engine on Android, and Webkit on iOS.

Download Microsoft Edge Browser for Android and iOS:

Edge app is going to be released today by Microsoft in Apple’s TestFlight program. You can sign up here to get access to Microsoft Edge mobile. The company plans on launching a final version of the Edge Mobile to the public by the end of 2017.

Stay tuned for more news about Edge Mobile!


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