Download CEMU 1.22.3 for PC: Vulkan Fixes, Improved Performance, and New features

Download CEMU 1.22.3
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One of the best emulators available for PC is CEMU for the Nintendo Wii U. The emulator has allowed PC users to experience some incredible Nintendo first-party titles like Breath of the Wild, Mark Kart 8, and more. With each update, PC users can expect stability improvements, optimizations, and new features added to the emulator itself. Now, to start off 2021, PC users can download CEMU 1.22.3 which brings new features and fixes existing issues.

We have written a detailed guide for you to set up CEMU, and configure various aspects of it. Apart from this, it is recommended that you set up Vulkan async, and if you have a dualshock 4 controller, and want to set that up, with Gyro aiming, you should refer to this guide.

Download CEMU 1.22.3 for PC

You can head over to the following link to download the latest public release version

If you already have CEMU installed in your PC, you don’t need to download this at all. You can follow the steps below to manually update to the latest version.

  • Open CEMU from the shortcut
  • Now, click on the Help tab, and select Check for Updates
Download CEMU 1.22.3
Check for Updates
  • This will notify you if there is an update, you can simply click the Update button, which will update and automatically install it as well
  • After that, restart CEMU, and you will be on the latest version

Patch Notes for CEMU 1.22.3

Here are the complete patch notes for this version


  • Attempts at fixing graphic bugs specific to Intel Iris GPUs


  • Added support for thread cancellation
    • This fixes Axiom Verge crashing at boot and is also used by some system titles


  • Changing any preset option will automatically reload the graphic pack (unless it modifies textures or resolution, in which case a restart is still required)
  • Vsync frequency can now be changed while a game is running (for example, this allows switching between different FPS++ framerates while the game is running)
  • Several new features for the graphic pack patch format. These additions are mainly of interest to graphic pack authors

Now, ever since CEMU started making use of the Vulkan API, the general performance has improved quite a bit, especially on AMD. NVIDIA users with relatively decent GPUs can also make use of Vulkan and get some gains, at higher resolutions. There is also the addition of further CPU optimizations that automatically selects the required CPU

Have you tried the new update? What are you playing through CEMU? Let us know in the comments below and share your thoughts.

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