Download CEMU 1.22.2 for PC: Stability Improvements and Optimization

Download CEMU 1.22.2
Mario Kart 8

CEMU is an emulator for the Nintendo Wii U and is quite possibly one of the best emulators on the market. The game has allowed PC players to experience some of the best games Nintendo has to offer. These games include Breath of the Wild, Bayonetta 2, and Mario Kart 8. Each new version of the software brings some improvements to performance and adds support to more Wii U games. Now, you can download CEMU 1.22.2, which improves stability in games, and fixes rendering issues.

If you are interested in the emulator but are overwhelmed as to how to you have to configure it, you can refer to our detailed guide on the matter. Just like the Wii U, Nintendo Switch emulation is also on the way, but still has a long way to go before it reaches the stability of CEMU.

Download CEMU 1.22.2 for PC

If you are new to CEMU emulation, you can download the latest build from the link below.

However, if you already have CEMU installed, you can simply update it by going to Help, and then Check for Updates in the software.

Download CEMU 1.22.2
Check for Updates

CEMU 1.22.2 Update Notes

Below are the complete patch notes for each section of the new update.


  • Various stability improvements and very minor optimizations


  • Updated the PowerPC debugger. 

New improvements include

  • Display function debug symbols and labels from gfx pack patches in disassembly view
  • Code cave regions are now viewable in the disassembly view (previously could not step into or use GoTo-command on any address in code cave region)
  • Added preliminary support for tracking data types in the disassembly view
    • E.g. if a graphic pack defines a .float it will show up as such in the disasm view
  • Fixed memory breakpoints and made them work with our new threading code
  • BLA instructions will now show the symbol name of the destination if available (useful for quickly identifying Cafe OS library calls)
  • The current instruction pointer is now more clearly highlighted in stepping mode
  • Various smaller fixes and changes

With each update, players can expect better optimization and performance. Breath of the Wild especially runs very well on even dual-core setups now, something which wasn’t possible before.

Have you tried the new update? What are you playing through CEMU? Let us know in the comments below and share your thoughts.