Dota Underlords New Game Announcement Imminent at The International 2019

Dota 2 The International battlepass 2019

Valve has just filed a trademark for Dota Underlords, a new possible game which might be announced at The International 2019

Just a few days ago Valve has released the anticipated Dota 2 The International 2019 battlepass which is absolutely fantastic and could be the best after 2015’s battlepass. TI9 battlepass is not the only thing the fans are looking forward to. It is the eSport tournament which is everyone is looking forward to. The International has to be one of the biggest eSports sensations which have changed the professional scene completely. With the huge prize pool of 8 digits not only enchants the players but the community as well. We all can agree that The International has to be one of the most entertaining events for the gaming community. Just recently Valve has trademarked a new title which could be a new possible game by the company after Artifact and is called Dota Underlords.

Valve marks a New Trademark called Dota Underlords


To be honest, I have no idea what this really is, it is speculated that this will be a new game based on Dota 2 and will be revealed at The International 2019 main event. Other say it is a VR-game since Valve is releasing the Valve Index (VR headset) next month on June 15 you can now pre-order if you want. There’s a greater chance that it will be a new VR title but we never know. Besides this, there’s a strong chance that is an Artifact expansion as the company has frozen updates for the game to face deep-rooted issues as they might breath new life in the game with this new expansion. Other speculations suggest that this might be something brand new.

Valve announced Artifact at The International 2017 so there’s a strong chance that it will be revealed at this year’s International. Do you think it will be a VR game, artifact expansion of will be a brand new title? Let us know what do you think down in the comments below.

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