Devil May Cry V E3 2018 Reveal Trailer Shows Us A New Hero

TheNerdMag E3 2018 Coverage
TheNerdMag E3 2018 Coverage

If you saw the Devil May Cry V E3 2018 Reveal Trailer then you are undoubted as blown as away as I am watching the Nero from Devil May Cry 4 return as the protagonist of Devil May Cry V, but this time Nero from Devil May Cry 4 and the arm of the Big Boss from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

The new trailer shows us Nero taking on new threats in the city and looking slick while doing it, albeit the trailer had minimal gameplay and was more of cinematic, the game is officially confirmed for release and it is finally out of the shadows! So we can finally put the rumors of Devil May Cry V to rest now that we know that it is coming out.

Albeit it is a major shock since most rumors suggested it coming to the PS4, but this is still a much welcome surprise.

For those of you who are as surprised as me, what are your thoughts on the premiere of the game? Are you excited to play it as I am? Let us know in the comments section below and what you hate or like about the new direction of the series and whether this is the new Nero you are willing to accept as the face of Devil May Cry.