Cydia update for iOS 7, gets a new makeover!

Last two days, we saw many developments regarding iOS 7 and its Jailbreak. Things continues too as now, Cydia store for iOS 7 has updated. Jay Freeman (Saurik) has now released the Cydia update 1.1.9 for iOS 7. With this update, the Cydia has improved a great deal as now its new look suite the iOS 7 update. The update gives new icons and style to Cydia. Now, Cydia supports user with a white background and flatter design suiting iOS 7 update. In other words, Cydia has received an iOS 7 makeover!

Jay Freeman (Saurik) gave his thanks to Kyle Matthews for the User Interface images, Surenix for designing new tab bar icons which gives user a more clear view of icons and is in line with design of iOS 7Ryan Petrich for the general User Interface Kit help and designing, and Optimo for testing the latest Cydia update.


Not everything is perfect but Saurik made Cydia almost perfect by providing capability all the way back to iPhone OS 2.x. There are still some bugs that needs to be fixed. Regarding which, Saurik commented:

‘Please understand that there are still some things about this build that are “not quite right” (including the drop bar, which I want to have work like the iTunes Store’s song preview bar, but right now is simply broken). I needed to get this out so I could move to Substrate, and thereby kind of hacked that together.’

So, users should not feel bad because in next Cydia update, most of the fixes will definitely be made.


Here is the list of some features of Cydia update for iOS 7:

  • Update of User Interface Kit tools (command line tools which provide access to features of the Springboard)
  • Update to icons (Excluding Cydia general icon)
  • Cydia installer updates.


Steps to Install Cydia Update for iOS 7:

  • Turn on Cydia, a screen will pop up asking to update. Just click it and update.
  • If no screen pops up,go to Changes option and refresh it. Your Cydia could have already been updated and may not be showing if after refresh, icons change and a new look of Cydia appear then Cydia is updated one.
  • If all not then Force Close Cydia running on background and run it again. Repeat both above mentioned steps.
  • If still not successful then manually download the updated Cydia from its site.


So how you feel about the updated Cydia? Share your views in your comments!

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