Each passing day continues to bring number of jailbreak tweaks for devices running on iOS 7. The trend continues too while we were covering the CES 2014 event. However, of many tweaks released during the previous days, some jailbreak tweaks in particular were for iOS 7 Control Center. We are talking about CCLoader, CCNowPlaying and CC Deseparator jailbreak tweaks which brings customization and modification to the iOS 7 Control Centre. Let’s discuss all the three jailbreak tweaks briefly:

CC Deseparator:

First of all, we are going to discuss the jailbreak tweak named CC Deseparator. The tweak hit the Cydia store first. So we can say it as the FIRST tweak for Control Center. Coming to its details, the tweak is quite simple one. It have no options, no settings and no icons. The tweak simply removes the separator lines in the Control Center’s sections. Feel the difference below.

Before installing CC Deseparator jailbreak tweak,


After installing,


The above images shows the clear difference after installing the tweak. The tweak is absolutely FREE of charge and can be downloaded from Cydia’s BigBoss repo.


Coming to the second jailbreak tweak for Control Center i.e. CCNowPlaying, the tweak adds an option to the Control Center. The tweak adds a Now Playing option to Control Center showing what you are currently listening to.


Not only this, the tweak also brings Social Services support i.e. support for Facebook and Twitter. A Share button is placed to the left of the Now Playing screen. The Share button enables you to share, what you are listening to, to your friends. The tweak has also support for Weibo.


Unlike previous tweak, this tweak has the ability to configure itself. You can enable/disable the Album Art option to configure whether you want to Album Artwork image while sharing. Moreover, you can also choose to keep Control Center opened or auto-closed after sharing.


Just like the above mentioned tweak, CCNowPlaying jailbreak tweak is also FREE of charge and can be downloaded from Cydia’s BigBoss repo.


Coming to the least but hopefully not the last jailbreak tweak for Control Center i.e. CCLoader, the tweak has just hit the Cydia store. The tweak enables you to RE-ORDER,even Disable, the Control Center sections.  You don’t even need to respring your device once you have customized the Control Center.


In the current version of the tweak, there is no support for ‘creating new sections’ in the Control Center. However the CCLoader tweak promises this feature either in its next version or in some other tweak.


You can configure the tweak from Settings app. Here, you can enable/disable certain sections. Like the above both tweaks, the current tweak is also absolutely FREE and can be downloaded from Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

Thus, all the above mentioned Control Center jailbreak tweaks promises ‘something’ for the Control Center especially the last one. However at the current moment, you can use the jailbreak tweaks to update your Control Center to a quite big deal!

Stay tuned to TheNerdMag as we keeps bringing the new jailbreak tweaks to you!