Cod Mobile Season 1 Week 2 Challenges Guides for Mp and Battle Royale

Cod Mobile Season 1 Week 1
Call of Duty Mobile Screenshot

Call of Duty Mobile is finally available for Android and iOS, and you can download it for free. Through the battle pass, you’ll be able to earn experience and upgrade your tier by completing the Cod Mobile Season 1 Week 2 challenges.

The battle pass allows you to do specific challenges that net you battle experience, and that can be later used to receive experience cards, battle points, and cosmetic items.

Cod Mobile Season 1 Week 2 Challenges

The Season 1 Week 2 challenges for Call of Duty Mobile are fairly simple, and we’ll go through each of these weekly and daily ones.

Weekly Challenges for MP

Add 3 Friends

  • Click on the social icon on the Main Screen
  • Either connect your Facebook with the game or manually search for players through the Add Friends tab and add them.
Social Icon in COD Mobile
FB Icon in COD Mobile
Add Friends Tab in COD Mobile
  • After you have added 3 friends, you’ll get the experience points

Use 2 Operator Skills in MP Matches

Operator skills are essentially weapons, with the exception of a shield, that you unlock as you play the MP modes. You can unlock Purifier very early on, and use it during the match, but these don’t last forever so we recommend using them quickly.

Operator Skill – Purifier

However, for this challenge, you only need to 2 of these, and we recommend activating them as soon as you unlock them, to complete this challenge.

Use Scorestreaks 14 times in MP Matches

Scorestreaks are special abilities that you can unlock during a match, that help you and your team. All you have to do is earn points by killing enemies and doing objectives.

There are a total of 10 scorestreaks that you can unlock by playing the game, and you can equip a limited number of them in your loadout.

The most common and easy to get is either the Molotov Cocktail or the UAV, which can be used to ping enemy players on the map.


Premium Weekly Challenges for MP

Kill 1 Enemy with an Operator Skill in an MP Match

This is fairly simple, and again, if you’ve already done the basic battle pass challenge mentioned above, this will automatically unlock for you.

Kill 2 Enemies with Scorestreaks in MP Matches

You don’t have to do this challenge in a single MP match, and you only need to kill 2 enemies. We recommend using the Hunter Killer Drone, for this, which essentially tracks and kills enemies for you.

The Hunter Killer Drone is unlocked at level 7.

Season 1 Week 2

Weekly Challenges for Battle Royale

To access Battle Royale, you need to first need to level yourself up to level 7. After that, you can jump straight into the Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale mode.

Land in Pipeline Twice

Pipeline is an area in the Battle Royale mode and all you have to do is land here twice. You can see the location shown on the map below.

Cod Mobile Season 1 Week 2
BR Map in COD Mobile

Reach the top 15 in Battle Royale Twice

This is something that you’ll probably easily unlock if you’re used to Battle Royale games. However, given the arcade nature of Call of Duty Mobile, you won’t have a hard time adjusting to the mode.

Premium Weekly Challenges for Battle Royale

Drive 300 total Meters with any vehicles in Battle Royale

There are a variety of vehicles in the Battle Royale mode, and all you have to do is drive them for a total of 300 meters.

Cod Mobile Season 1 Week 2
ATV in COD Mobile

You don’t need to keep driving the same one, as the total distance will count, and not a specific vehicle’s distance.

Cod Mobile Season 1 Week 2
Season 1 Week 2 BR Challenges

These are all the MP and Battle Royale challenges for Season 1 Week 2 of Cod Mobile, and compared to other free games in the same category, these are fairly easy to complete.

If you still haven’t finished the first week’s challenges, you can check out our guide for it as well.

While you’re here, make sure you check out our troubleshooting guide for launch errors that players have been facing.

What do you think about the guide? Are you enjoying the game? Let us know in the comments below and share your thoughts.

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