Cod Mobile Season 1 Week 1 Challenges Guides for Mp and Battle Royale

Cod Mobile Season 1 Week 1
Call of Duty Mobile Screenshot

Call of Duty Mobile is finally available for Android and iOS, and you can download it for free. Through the battle pass, you’ll be able to earn experience and upgrade your tier by completing the Cod Mobile Season 1 Week 1 challenges.

The battle pass allows you to do specific challenges that net you experience, and that can be later used to receive experience cards, battle points, and cosmetic items.

Cod Mobile Season 1 Week 1 Challenges

The Season 1 Week 1 challenges for Call of Duty Mobile are fairly simple, and we’ll go through each of these weekly and daily ones.

Weekly Challenges for MP

Play 2 MP Matches

This is fairly simple, just click on Multiplayer from the Main Screen, and play two matches in any game mode from either Frontline, Team DeathMatch, Domination or Search and Destroy.

We recommend Team DeathMatch as it is the most active one.

Win 2 MP Matches

Again, a fairly simple challenge, and you can easily do it after a few tries in either the Frontline or Team Deathmatch mode.

We don’t recommend Domination or Search and Destroy for this, as those are slightly advanced game modes.

Kill 100 Enemies in MP Matches

You can easily get around 15-20 kills in this game because of the number of bots present in matches. Even without those, getting 100 kills will take you around half an hour max.

With the addition of scorestreaks, you won’t have much trouble anyway.

Premium Weekly Challenges for MP

Earn 15 Medals in MP Matches

Earning medals is fairly simple, and are mostly tied to getting consecutive kills in multiplayer. You can keep track of these by tapping the top left corner on the main menu to access your profile stats.

Click on the fourth tab as shown below to see the medals you’ve earned and the ones that are available.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 Week 1
Call of Duty Mobile Medals

Kill 30 Matches in MP Matches

If you’ve already done the weekly challenges, you’ve probably already done this. Again, head into either Deathmatch or Frontline to get the maximum amount of kills.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 Week 1
Season 1 Week 1 Premium Challenges

Weekly Challenges for Battle Royale

To access Battle Royale, you need to first need to level yourself up to level 7. After that, you can jump straight into the Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale mode.

Play 1 Battle Royale Match

Simple play 1 Battle Royale match in Call of Duty mobile. You don’t have to win to complete this challenge.

Kill 10 Enemies in Battle Royale

Getting kills in Call of Duty mobile Battle Royale is far easier than other games due to its arcade nature. Simply head into regions that have active shootouts, and you’re bound to kill a few enemies.

You don’t have to kill 10 enemies in a single match, so you can keep playing the battle royale mode till you get a total of 10 kills.

Premium Weekly Challenges for Battle Royale

Use 2 Classes in Battle Royale

The game has multiple classes, and you simply have to play as any of the two from the available six. You will earn the challenge experience, even if you lose.

These are all the MP and Battle Royale challenges for Season 1 Week 1 of Cod Mobile, and compared to other free games in the same category, these are fairly easy to complete.

While you’re here, make sure you check out our troubleshooting guide for launch errors that players have been facing.

What do you think about the guide? Are you enjoying the game? Let us know in the comments below and share your thoughts.

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