CEMU 1.15.7 Release Notes and Release Date Revealed

CEMU 1.15.7
Breath of the Wild on PC

If you’re looking for arguably one of the best WiiU emulators out there, CEMU should be your go-to emulator. The emulator with the support of its fans has become one of the most stable pieces of software for a system that has some very incredible titles. Now the CEMU 1.15.7 Release Notes have been revealed, alongside its release date.

CEMU 1.15.7 Release Notes

New in 1.15.7b

CPU/JIT: Fixed a bug leading to random corruption of the instruction stream

New in 1.15.7


  • Added visual indicator at game boot which displays the used controller profiles
  • Added controller low battery warning (can be turned on/off in settings. Off by default)
  • Global precompiled shader setting should no longer reset to auto (#63)
  • The internal process of updating system.xml is now more robust
  • Previously there was a slim chance to lose all settings when Cemu crashed or was forced closed while settings.xml was being updated


Optimized recompilation. This process is already fast enough to generally not be noticeable but it can lead to delay and micro-stutter in cases where a lot of new code is recompiled at once

Examples where the bottleneck becomes apparent

  • Frame drops or audio crackle on first loading screen
  • Initial delay when booting a game
  • With the optimization, these should now be slightly less severe


  • Improved the accuracy and behavior of GX2WaitForFlip + GX2SwapScanBuffers
  • This fixes an issue where games would run at the wrong framerate (e.g. Paper Mario Color Splash)
  • Fixed a bug in texture decoder for format BC4 (#59)
  • Fixed an issue where Cemu would crash if a game setup invalid shaders
  • This resolves crashes in Pikmin 3 and Yoshi’s Woolly World

CEMU 1.15.7 Release Date

The latest version is now available for Patreon backers and will be available to the public on 24th May.

Over the years, CEMU has proven to be one of the best emulators for a variety of system configurations. So while a high-end system will give you a better framerate, with modern optimization and updates, even a fairly average one will get the job done.

What do you think about the release notes for the latest CEMU version? Let us know in the comments below and share your thoughts.