Mega Man 11

Capcom has shown Mega Man 11 in a recent video trailer. This was announced yesterday in a twitter post and Youtube channel. Check out below the official announcement trailer of Mega Man 11 coming out on PC, PS4, and Xbox One later in 2018.

The trailer showcases some cool moves and few boss fights. Even after a long time since the last title Mega Man 10 came out, the announcement trailer surely gives nostalgic feeling. From the look of the video trailer, it can be safely assumed that regardless of new art style approach from Capcom, Mega Man still captures our attention.

Currently, we do not know about the minimum / recommended specification for PC version of Mega Man 11. However, it can be safely assumed that a 2.5D platformer game will at least  require Intel quad-core processor and a $100 or less GPU.

The first Mega Man came out 30 years ago and last Mega Man 10 game came out  in 2010. The upcoming title “Mega Man 11” is announced seven years after the last “Mega Man 10” video game. The series is entering now in modern settings, as new Super Mario Bros games have already kept there foot into.

Mega Man 11 trailer will adopt a new art style of graphics and will leave behind the classic looking 8 bit retro setup. Capcom calls it as hand-drawn 2.5D art direction, at which the new Mega Man game will be based on. The trailer looks amazing and it will definitely go well in modern platformer gaming style.

Additionally, Capcom also announced that all eight previously released games in the spinoff Mega Man X series will debut soon on Xbox One, PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch. However, no further details on release date is mentioned as of yet. Moreover, the previously released Mega Man Legacy Collection and Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 will soon see launch at Nintendo Switch sometime next year.

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