iPhone 7 Plus

Being an iPhone owner myself, I know how amazing it feels when you hold your new iPhone in your hand for the first time. But, I also know that panic that strikes you when you realize that it would kill you to see any scratches on your iPhone. No matter how carefully one treats their phone, it always ends up hitting the ground by your hand or someone else’s. To avoid that situation, we have a list of amazing cases for your iPhone 7 Plus. These cases not only protect your phone from any potential threats, (just not the threat of getting stolen; that you need to look out for by yourself) but they also add to the sleek look of your device!

iPhone 7 Plus, Crystal Clear Case

In case you want to preserve the sleek rear look of your iPhone, this cover serves that purpose. This case also has raised bezels in order to protect your screen and rear cameras in a better way. Another amazing thing about this case is that its very light weight and ultra-slim!

iPhone 7 Plus Crystal Clear Case

Price: $6.99

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iPhone 7 Plus, Wallet Case

This amazing case serves two purposes- a wallet as well as a protective case. It has 9 built-in card slots and also has a magnet stand. In addition to all of this, it is made of leather and is available in 4 colors- black, blue, brown and pink.

iPhone 7 Plus Wallet Case

Price: $8.99

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iPhone 7 Plus, 360 Hard Case

In case you are someone who is paranoid and fears that regular cases would not effectively protect your iPhone 7 Plus, this is the case for you. This case covers your phone entirely, and also comes with a tempered glass protector. Another amazing feature of this case is that, it is only 1mm thick, which means you will be able to hold your phone in your hand without any discomfort. It has a sleek matte finish, and is available in four different colors!

iPhone 7 Plus 360 Protection Case

Price: $12.99

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iPhone 7 Plus, Charging Case

In case, you are someone who is always on their phone (like me) and is always looking for a socket to charge their iPhone 7 Plus, we have the perfect case for you! This case has the capacity of 7,500 mAh. It not only charges your phone on the go, but also has rubberized support points that provide you with edge-to-edge protection of your device.

iPhone 7 Plus Charging Case

Price: $14.99

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