ASROCK Z390 Taichi Motherboard details leaked on SiSofware running a core i9 9900K

Asrock Z390 Motherboard

The first official Z390 board from the well known ASROCK was spotted earlier on the reliable SiSoftware live ranker. ASROCK’s Taichi Z390 motherboard was running a newly leaked Intel’s Core i9 9900K.

ASROCK Z390 Taichi Motherboard Details:

There is not much we can take out of the leak about the specs and design of ASROCK Taichi Z390 motherboard but we think ASROCK will follow their iconic Taichi design similar to Z370 Taichi motherboard having the gears logo on the box and on the motherboard itself as shown in the image.

NOTE: This is not the leaked ASROCK Taichi Z390 motherboard.

ASROCK Z390 Taichi Motherboard details Leaked on SiSofware running a core i9 9900K


Leaked Benchmarks:

Check out some of the benchmarks as leaked on SiSofware down below in the image.

ASROCK Z390 Taichi Motherboard details Leaked on SiSofware running a core i9 9900K

As you might have noticed, from SiSoftware we are not only getting info about ASROCK Taichi Z390  but also we are seeing leaked benchmarks from an anonymous source which clearly shows how well this motherboard performs with Intel’s new Core i9 9900K rocking 8C/16T.

As these benchmarks are highly CPU dependent, we can’t really understand this motherboard’s full potential until the full reveal by ASROCK but from Intel Z390 chipset’s official features we can easily say that ASROCK Z390 will have integrated wireless AC, Bluetooth 5.0 and USB 3.1 Gen 2 connectivity.

Backwards Compatibility:

Apart from ASROCK Z390 motherboard, Intel’s Z390 chipset will have backwards compatibility with Intel’s older 8th gen processors which usually means that Z390 motherboards will be in the market before the release of Intel’s  9TH generation CPUs. This means you will be able to use your 8th generation processors with this motherboard without any hassle. So, instead of getting a new 9th gen processor you can use your 8th gen processor to work with this  motherboard.

We will have to wait about the official release of Intel 9th gen processors to truly judge the boundaries and capacities of this motherboard.

ASROCK Z390 Taichi motherboard Price

ASROCK Z390 Taichi motherboard has an expected price of around “200$”. It is not that bad considering it supports Intel’s upcoming processors. What do you guys think about Intel’s 9th gen processors running on ASROCK Z390 Taichi motherboard? Drop down a comment down below!


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