The new Apple Watch 3 is now just around the corner to be introduced to its fans and followers. New Apple Watch 3 is most likely to be released in September 2017. The new updates are more likely to have better battery performance and long life along with micro-LED displays.

These LED displays are thinner and lighter than the current screens used and even offer improved color display and brightness. It is also expected to display the user’s heart rate and cardio rhythms. It is also rumored to have a cellular connectivity enabling the user to connect anyone online and will be able to update their location and update their happenings on social media.

With a cellular connection, users would not need to pair iPhone nearby to do things like making phone calls or message someone but a separate data plan for the desired network will have to be provided.

Apple Watch 3 charger

With all the updates expected to occur, Apple has also made it easier for users to charge their Apple Watch alongside their iPhone charger. It is also provided with a band with a built-in charger (wireless charger) alongside a Facetime camera. It is more likely to say that you may not need an iPhone while you have an Apple Watch 3 which will have almost all the accessories a mobile can have.

What is Apple Watch 3 for iPhone Users?


Apple WatchThis watch is specifically designed for iPhone users who like to keep themselves updated on every possible update happening in their daily life along with their timepiece and the ones who like to contact others without any hesitation of opening up their iPhone when all they have to do is look on to their Apple Watch and it’ll be easier for them to note who is trying to contact them.

With the latest updates on the watch, it is now easier for the user to Facetime anyone, anywhere and anytime with its latest cellular connectivity.

World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC):

World Wide Developers Conference also known as WWDC arranged by Apple is scheduled to happen on 6/5 at 10 a.m. PDT. In Pakistan, it is likely to be scheduled on June 6th at 10 p.m. It will more likely to be an introduction to Apple products, its accessories and introduction of iPhone 8 which all iPhone lovers are eagerly waiting for. So if you are an Apple iPhone lover and don’t want to miss out the opportunity to grab a hold of the information on Apple Products. Simply tune into the link given below:

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