Apple to officially launch iPhone in Pakistan by the end of the Year


Here is something really fascinating and wonderful for Pakistani fans! The time is over to buy extremely expensive Apple iPhones from Pakistani market. According to ProPakistani, Apple is all set to debut iPhone in Pakistan officially. Apple is planning to have an inaugural ceremony in November or December.

Previously, iPhones are shipped to Pakistan through grey channels. This result in quite high prices. Also, you can’t enjoy Apple Customer Care on these iPhones. But now, Apple is really going to amaze its users in Pakistan.

According to details, Apple is in contacts with all telecom operators to provide iPhone in Pakistan officially. Previously, we heard that only Ufone will bring iPhone 6 in Pakistan. But now, things look pretty good. Still, no telecom operator has agreed to offer iPhone in Pakistan on contracts i.e. yearly payments with subsidized rates. However, the telecom operators will be selling Apple iPhones from their franchises and service centers. Each telecom operator will offer a data connection plan along with the iPhone.

Once this comes true, you will also be able to enjoy Apple services in Pakistan that requires network partners. Now, Pakistani users can enjoy iPhone in Pakistan with official price tag along with the warranties. Also, no need to wait as at the same global release date, iPhone will also reach in Pakistan.

This is seriously something really mesmerizing!!! We hope to get more details regarding Apple Plans to bring iPhone in Pakistan in upcoming weeks. So, stay tuned!

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