Apple iPhone to launch officially in Pakistan through Ufone


Different operators are providing different handsets in Pakistan but no one is providing Apple iPhone yet. But a day back Ufone posted the above image on their website which says:

Ufone network is now iPhone ready

It seems like Ufone is finally bringing the Apple iPhone to Pakistani market. Pakistani Market is a big smartphone user market with about 15 million smartphones users. 3G was launched in Pakistan this year and it means that now Apple FaceTime calling is possible over 3G network too. As video calls cannot be made on 2G network. So the sentence “Ufone network is now iPhone ready” probably means that Ufone has now got enough 3G internet speed to make FaceTime calls over cellular network as well. But you can make FaceTime calls over WiFi network too if you do not have 3G coverage. FaceTime over cellular was available to the world about 2 years ago but there was no 3G in Pakistan that time.

The iPhone model is not yet specified but in the picture iPhone 5S is shown so we may belive that Ufone will be providing iPhone 5S. But iPhone 6 is also being launched in 2 months so it may also introduce iPhone 6 with its network. You need to regularly check official Ufone site to get the latest updates about iPhone.

Now we are waiting for Ufone to launch iPhone for the first time through any network in Pakistan. And we are excited to know the promotional offers we get with Apple iPhone and which iPhone Ufone has to offer.

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