XiaoMi Mi Pad 8MP Camera, 2GB Ram and 6700 mAh Battery

XiaoMi Mi Pad
Credits: GearBest

Thinking about buying a Tablet for your work? Your loved one or your little children? Well here’s the good news! The XiaoMi  Mi Pad is now available at gearbest at a surprising price of 193$ only, Yes you heard it! This is almost half the price for what it was available before the big sale. Now you might be wondering that why should we buy the Mi Pad, well! Let me tell you some great qualities of it!

Speed and Memory:

XiaoMi Mi Pad Memory
Credits: GearBest

The Mi Pad has a 2 GB RAM which is one of the optimum value used in all good cell phones and Tablets, It also comes with a super-fast processor which can process the tasks within the blink of an eye!

Now let’s move to the memory, the Mi Pad has an internal memory of 16 GB which is able to store tons of songs, hundreds of movies and millions of Pictures. What? Memory card? Yeah! I hear you, let me answer it, the Mi Pad can also support a SD card up to 128 GB! What else do you need people? Now transferring data is as easy as A B and C!


XiaoMi Mi Pad Display
Credits: GearBest

Do you have a small tablet pc at home? Is your eyesight not 6/6? Well in either case you need to shift to the Mi Pad for its 7.9” high resolution IPS display which comes with the blessing of super strong Gorilla glass 3. I’m not done yet, the high resolution display can support video files up to the resolution of 2048×1536 with the pixel rate of 326 pixels per inch! So now you can enjoy super sharp videos on a super strong screen!


XiaoMi Mi Pad Camera
Credits: GearBest

I know before reading this description you’ve read the keyword of 8MP Sony camera! YES! As we are all aware that Sony has always been in the front row of digital camera’s with its new technology so now your tablet an also have that edge leading technology. You can now take pictures on a high resolution and can skype with your loved ones or can also take selfies with the front 5MP camera. This tablet is great right? 😉


XiaoMi Mi Pad Battery
Credits: GearBest

While buying a Tablet or any other gadget one thing we’re always concerned about is the battery time, I know no one gets enough time all day to charge a tab or wait for the gadget to charge while leaving all the other works, Here’s the good news then, Mi Pad is equipped with a 6700mAh Lithium-ion Polymer Battery which can give you a continuous video playback of 11 hours, 86 hours of music and 1300 hours on standby! What else do you need people? Heaven? If you’re not sure about heaven then buy this Mi Pad!

Wireless Range:

XiaoMi Mi Pad WiFi
Credits: GearBest

With the most latest MIMO technology you can browse the WiFi at the maximum seed ever possible at the farthest distance you’ve ever been , the DUAL band 2×2 antenna’s are the proof of engineering at its best and provides you the best possible range of WiFi .

Strength:XiaoMi Mi Pad Shock

You’re all impressed with the awesome qualities of this Mi Pad which is available at the best price available today but now you’re thinking that your little one will break it right? Don’t worry people! The Mi Pad is made up of magnesium alloy which is used in the aviation industry for being light weight and tough! It also dissipates heat more than the local alloys available and the best part is that it can absorb twice as much shock as compared to some regular alloy!