Xbox Game Studios Upcoming Games Leaked via Australian Rating Board

Xbox Game Studios
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In recent news, Xbox Game Studios upcoming games have been leaked online via the Australian Rating Board. The Australian Classification Board (ACB or CB) is an Australian Government statutory body responsible for the classification and censorship of films, video games and publications for exhibition, sale or hire in Australia. A total of 18 projects can be seen in the leak, however, be warned, not all titles represent video games as some are trailers and place holders.

Xbox Game Studios Upcoming Games Leaked via Australian Rating Board

A screenshot of the list was posted on a Twitter handle by the name of Klobrille. Klobrille especially focuses on Xbox related news and leaks and hence has brought us this latest leak. As mentioned earlier, the list of the leaked titles includes a total of 18 names. The tweet can be seen below.

It appears that people are most excited for the listed Behemoth game and the Quantum Game. Moreover, we do know a little about some of the leaked titles, for example, we know that Miami Street is a Forza game that was originally developed for mobile platforms. The game was then rebranded as Forza Street and is rumored to arrive on Nintendo Switch in the near future.

Xbox Game Studios

We currently don’t know much about the contents of the leak. The titles therein are mostly codenames and nothing comes up regarding them. People have pointed out a few things in the comments but that is mostly speculation. Take this with a pinch of salt as nothing is for certain. However, it is exciting nonetheless to know that at least some of these titles would be making their way onto Xbox.

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