All ‘Lumia’ Windows Phone 8 devices will be UPGRADEABLE to Windows 10

Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 Changelog

Wow! This is a big news for Windows Phone fans. Microsoft has just confirmed in a tweet that the upcoming Windows 10 will be available for all ‘Lumia’ Windows Phone 8 devices. The new Windows 10 update is due next year, somewhere in mids.

Here is a tweet that is made by Microsoft @Lumia account,

So, it means if you are having an old Lumia handset running on Windows Phone 8 or later, you need not worry about its ‘old’ hardware. Previously, we saw Windows Phone 7 users unable to switch to WP 8 because of old hardware.

The tweet is specific about ‘Lumia’ Windows Phone 8 devices. So, what about other companies’ Windows Phone 8 devices? Well, all the latest Windows Phone handsets i.e. hTC One M8 Windows will get the Windows 10 update. As per hTC 8X, we expect it to get the new update too as its hardware is not so bad at all.

As per local WP handsets, it’s too early to make a comment. Microsoft has also confirmed some new Windows 10 devices. So, we can expect to see some new Lumia devices when Microsoft launches Windows 10.

Microsoft is gradually making a shift to Windows 10 from WP 8.1 OS. Recently released Windows Phone 8.1.1 update is a part of it. The update brought some Windows 10 features to Windows Phone.

Are you waiting to get the new Windows 10 on your device? Do share your thoughts with us.