WhatsApp has recently been taken by Facebook and now WhatsApp has released a new update bringing it to version 2.11.169. The update introduces some new features. You have now option to hide your last seen option as with new update you can let everyone see it, only your contacts see it or set it so no one can see it. This is pretty amazing as it increases user privacy.


Moreover, you can now hide the profile photo and status message from everyone and set the app to show it to only your contacts. The iOS version of app does not have this functionality yet. Seems like WhatsApp is improving the privacy options for its users.


Another feature introduced is pay for a friend. As we all now WhatsApp is not free and you have to pay a little amount of money to use it. You can now pay for your friend too. You just need to select the contact for whom you are going to pay for and then pay by the same method you pay for yourself. This will be helpful for those people without credit card.


There are several other changes, as well. The mute functionality has been improved and now finally works as it should. Previously, even if you muted a group, you will still see the notifications. Now, muting the group makes it completely silent and only when you open the WhatsApp, you will know you have new messages from a group. Maximum duration of mute is one week though. And lastly, the notification options for broadcast messages have been removed but you can still send broadcast messages.

The update is not yet available in Play Store. However you can download the app from WhatsApp Official Site.

Source: NDTVGadgets