What Are Dota 2 Player Cards? A Noob Guide For Clueless Players

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If you are a Dota 2 player who like to buy skins and spend money on the game. Then you definitely must have purchased The International Compendium, which releases every year. The Internation is the most exciting period of the year for the game as well as for fans. If you are a person who does not care about your Battle pass level, or you are satisfied with your Battle pass level then you might want to stop right here and close the browser tab. I’m just kidding, you can read this if you like. I will write about the details of the Dota 2 Player Cards which are a part of The International 2018 Compendium. Bear with me with the long article.

Dota 2 Player Cards A Brief Introduction

Dota 2 Player Cards were introduced in The International 2014 Compendium. Initially, the card pack contained 10 random player cards of the teams competing in The International 2014. Cards could be collected to earn points for. Collecting all cards for any given team will reward certain for that team. I will tell you what points though.

Through the years the player cards were changed and now since the release of The International 2018 Compendium each Battle pass owner is awarded players cards. Instead of 10 like in TI4 Compendium, you are given 5 random cards of the 18 total team competing in The International 2018.

Dota 2 Player Cards Details

Now let me tell you in detail what these points are and how can you gain maximum points out of the player cards. If you have not opened a single pack first open these. You can open the player cards in the Compendium tab of Battle pass. Click the Battle pass tab on the main screen of Dota 2.

Dota 2 Battlepass Screenshot


Dota 2 Battle Pass screenshot

After that click Player Cards and by the way the prize pool is huge!

Dota 2 Battle Pass screenshot

Then, you have to open the Player Cards if you have premium pack open that too. I have already opened mine so, don’t mind it.

Dota 2 Battle Pass screenshot

After that, you have to look at the duplicates. Normal player cards pack will have 4 green cards and 1 rare silver or gold card. Premium player card pack, however, contains the rare Notice that there are 3 types of cards, Green, Silver, and Gold.

You have to prioritize golden cards, then comes silver and then green.

After opening every pack now you have to look for recycles. If you have 2 or more similar green cards of the same player you can recycle any card you like. But if you got a golden or silver card of the same player you do not need the green card or cards.

Similarly, If you have a golden card of the same player. You can either keep it or recycle it depending upon the statistics the card has.

Dota 2 Battle Pass screenshot

If you have duplicates of a core player. Then you have to look at the statistics of the card. Like here is a silver card of Xxs who is a core player for Invictus Gaming. Now looking at the card it has GPM (Gold Per Minute), Obs Wards Planted and Camps stacked. Since he is a core player so the Obs. Wards Planted and Camps Stacked is useless. If I have other cards which have good statistics like, GPM, Creep Score, Kills etc I would keep that card and recycle this silver card. Do you get my point?

You have to see the same things for Golden cards.

Things To Look For A Core Player Card

You basically want the following things in the statistics for a core player. If you are missing most of the things in the below list then you do not need that card at all. Recycle that!

  • GPM (Best for Mid or position 2 players)
  • Creep Score [or Last Hits. Both are same things] (Best for position 1 player)
  • First Blood (Best for Position 1 players)
  • Deaths (Best for Position 1 players)
  • Kills (Best for Mid or position 2 players)
  • Team Fights (Best for Position 1 player)
  • Tower Kills (Best for position 3 players)
  • Roshan Kills (Best for position 1 players)

If you have most of the above things in the stats of your card keep it. It will bring you a lot of points

Things To Look For A Support Player Card

Similarly, for a support player, you want to have these stats in your cards

  • Team Fights (Best for position 4 players)
  • Obs. Wards Planted (Best for position 5 players)
  • Runes Grabbed (Best fo position 4 players)

1 more thing to keep in mind that the percentage right beside the statistics. If you have mixed statistics for any player then you have to look for the percentages if they have percentages lower than other stats like for a core card if it has a high percentage of runes grabbed than creep score then the card is pretty much useless.

You might be wondering why do I am focusing too much on recycling. Yes, a good question indeed. Well,

Recycling will help you gather dusts.

  • 10 card dusts can be exchanged for another card pack.
  • 30 card dusts can be exchanged for a specific player card.
  • Duplicate cards can be recycled for 1 – 5 card dusts each, depending on rarity.
    • Green card – 1 dust
    • Silver card – 2 dusts
    • Gold card – 5 dusts

Rewards Of Using Player Cards

Collecting all cards for a specific team will unlock a custom teleport effect based on that team’s logo. Collecting all silver and gold cards will unlock upgraded teleport effects. And you can use sprays of your favorite team. Favorite team is basically having cards of all players.

Dota 2 Favorite Team

As you can see the sprays and other cool stuff regarding Favorite Team.

How To Use Player Cards For Maximum Fantasy Points?

The main use of player cards is to get fantasy points by setting a fantasy roster. Fantasy Team is a feature that lets players create their own team of professional players within Dota 2 Batlle pass, and compete with other players in the league based on points earned by their team. Points are earned whenever a professional player participates in any Tournament match.

Dota 2 fantasy team

In short, you have to use your best card in a fantasy Dota 2 roster which will earn you points depending on the performance of the player earning you points.

The group stage will start in about a week and the schedule will be available 1 or 2 days before the group stage.

You can follow this link for the schedule.

Now the most important thing to look for is that you have to see the schedule and look for the matches of the team whose cards you have. You have to select different cards for cores and supports. You will have to choose the best players or the players who stood out the most in the cards that you have. For example Liquid.Miracle- for core etcetera. You know that these players will perform good no matter what this will get you the points. Of course, golden cards will give you the most of the points.

You have to set your fantasy roster every day until finals. After that, if you manage to get some good points you will get free Battle Pass levels and that concludes my guide for maximum points.

If you have any question or anything you didn’t understand in the above guide feel free to let me know in the comments.


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