Waqar Zaqa Criticized Aamir Zaki Death Making Ali Haider Angry

Ali Haider Waqar Zaka

Singer Ali Haider raises his voice against Waqar Zaka’s act of criticism of the artist community after the death of legendary musician Aamir Zaki.

After Zaki passed away, Waqar went to eidi morgue at Sohrab Goth area in Karachi where his dead body was kept. Waqar started a live video chat and began ranting about how he was kept there and pointed out at artists like Ali Haider and Hadiqa Kiyani. ‘This day can also come in our lives’ said angry Waqar in his video from the morgue.

Ali Haider after this made a video in response to Waqar’s criticism condoling for the sad demise of the great artist. He talked about how everyone knew that he has been living in the United States for over two years and Hadiqa lives in Lahore. He talked about how Waqar was in Karachi and asked him why he hadn’t done anything for Zaki while he was still alive. He asked Waqar to abstain from such publicity stunts at the death of people.

Atif Aslam is also reported to have left the stage mid-concert. If I would do something good, I will do it without telling anyone, he said.

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