Void bastards at Xbox X018 – The News on the Game!

The much-awaited Xbox’s event X018 is finally here. Bringing information on the much-anticipated games of the year. From what you can expect to all of the minute details of the game to gameplay and easter eggs all of the details are here! Microsoft just revealed their new game Void bastards for the Xbox One and it looks like a cool crossover with Borderland meets Alien Isolation. .

Void bastards at Xbox X018!

Void Bastards has just been announced and it looks like a crazy fun game. It has the cell-shading graphics style of Borderlands, combined with the fun shooting mechanics in space.

This is the announcement trailer of the game, with a few screenshots to boot.

The game comes from the Development Director of the Bioshock games and System Shock, so you know the game will feel right at home when delivering a dark atmospheric feel to it and keep you scared at every turn of the corner.

For now that’s all the details we have on the game, keep following TheNerdMag to find out the latest in the world of gaming as we follow the developments that come with these games.

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