Trails of Cold Steel 3 for Nintendo Switch coming next week

Trails of Cold Steel 3 for Nintendo Switch
Trails of Cold Steel 3

Trails of Cold Steel 3 is a role-playing video game developed by Nihon Falcom. The title originally came out on PS4 and PC in 2017 and is now headed to Nintendo Switch. We’re excited to jump back into the world of Trails of Cold Steel 3 again, on the go. Here’s everything you need to know about Trails of Cold Steel 3 for Nintendo Switch. The title is coming out next week.

We love to see more titles make their way to the Switch, and are hoping more publishers take interest in the console.

Trails of Cold Steel 3 for Nintendo Switch

Check out the launch trailer for the upcoming title on Switch below

Trails of Cold Steel 3 is coming to the Nintendo Switch on 9th July 2020.

The game follows the story of Rean Schwarzer, who has graduated from Thors Military Academy, Rean has become an instructor at the Thors Branch Campus.

Players will embark on a whirlwind tour through the never-before-seen lands of the recently expanded Erebonian countryside. New and returning characters will be joining Rean throughout the story.

Here are some of the key features mentioned by the developers

  • Welcome to the New Class VII – Explore the newly annexed lands of the Empire with a brand new squad, and catch up with familiar faces from the past.
  • An Immersive Story – Experience an epic story developed across three titles, and crafted for new and old fans alike. Also includes an interactive introduction to catch up new players to the ongoing story so anyone can dive right in to the world of Trails of Cold Steel.
    Combat Honed to a Fine Edge – Challenge oncoming threats with a combat system that has been refined over the course of decades. The addition of features like Brave Order and the Break System opens up new possibilities in battle.

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