The Crew Inner Drive Part 2 Now Available for PC and Consoles

The Crew Inner Drive Part 2
The Crew 2 Inner Drive 2

The Crew Inner Drive Part 2 is the fifth free major update and is now available on PC and consoles. This update brings a lot of new content, including a new vehicle category. Ubisoft has been supporting its major titles like this consistently, and we can’t wait to see what’s planned ahead.

This update is now available on PC via Uplay, Steam and the Epic Games Store, and on Xbox One, PS4, and Google Stadia. You can download it, and enjoy all the new content.

The Crew Inner Drive Part 2

The update introduces Hobbies, a new feature that rewards players for completing activities in three distinct play styles. By completing these activities players can unlock exclusive rewards such as new vehicles, avatar outfits, and more.

Check out the trailer for it below

Following hobbies have been revealed

  • The Collector: From fame to performance parts, players can collect all of the items The Crew 2 offers
  • The Explorer: Drivers trek from coast to coast, visiting attractions, and discovering secrets all over the United States
  • The Racer: Players must find the perfect path, outpace their opponents and reach the top of the leaderboards

Touring Bikes have been added as part of the update as well, and will allow players to discover a new way to master their favorite Touring events. You can read more about Crew 2 at the following link.

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