The Crew 2 Inner Drive Update launching today on PC, Consoles and Stadia

The Crew 2 Inner Drive
The Crew 2 Inner Drive

The Crew 2 Inner Drive is the latest update and will launch today on PC, Consoles, and Stadia. The update will bring a good amount of new content.

Ubisoft’s support for their multiplayer titles has been very strong, and many titles that came out years ago are still running.

The Crew 2 Inner Drive Update

Check out the launch trailer for the new update

The update brings a total of 20 new vehicles that players can earn and purchase. These also include including the brand new Koenigsegg Jesko 2020 (Hypercar) and the latest Ford Mustang Shelby® GT500® 2020 (Street Race).

The Crew 2 Inner Drive

Players can compete with these cars during the weekly LIVE Summits, and once a month take part in a Premium LIVE Summit that will reward the best competitors with a unique, special edition vehicle.

Riders can choose from four new vanity categories and further customize their vehicles.

Stadia users will have access to all the content that has been released so far as part of their previous updates.

Furthermore, user interface, texts, graphics, and associated functionality of the game have been redesigned for various platforms.

Steam Connect will also be available for Stadia players to connect their steam friends to their new profiles as well.

Patch Notes

If you are interested in reading the complete patch notes for the update you can head over to the link below.

Estimated patch size: 10 GB

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