RUMOR: Tales from the Borderlands Redux Leaked – Coming Soon To Consoles and PC

Tales from the Borderlands is a 2014 point and click adventure series from Telltale Games. The 5 episode adventure was Telltale game’s best attempt at giving the looter shooter a unique twist by taking you out of the shoes of a vault hunter for the first time. Tales from the Borderlands Redux looks like a re-release for the current generation consoles and PC with more bonus content.

Tales from the Borderlands Redux – The Return of a hit?

Tales from the Borderlands is, unfortunately, one of Telltales best games that is criminally underrated.

According to a leak on reddit, it seems that a re-release or remaster for the game is on its way for the current-gen consoles and probably the PC.


Admittedly, the trailers do look authentic enough to be believed, but it would still be best to exercise some skepticism with regard to the rumor. With the closure of Telltale, this will at least be a great way to remember the studio.

Tales from the Borderlands placed players in the shoes of Rhys and Fiona. Rhys is an employee of Hyperion while Fiona is a con artist. Both of them ultimately are gunning for a valuable suitcase but the game, later on, opens up to a more compelling and outlandish story in true Borderlands fashion.

The game was a first for the series to place players in the shoes of a character outside of the vault hunter. It offered a lot of unique mechanics and the ability to play as multiple characters in a Telltale game, which for the time was rare for the studio to do.

The redux looks like it will come with new content, including a new mini-episode, a more unlocked experience, and perhaps the same bells and whistles that The Walking Dead – The Definitive Edition came with.

It’s worth mentioning that this could potentially be the same leaker who spilled the beans on The Wolf Among Us 2, as they mentioned Tales from the Borderlands Season 2 is under development but is years away. The number 2 briefly appears in one of the trailers, perhaps the mini-episode is a tease of it?

While we are still waiting for official confirmation, let’s wait and see what lies in hold for one of the better games made by the once great studio! Now if only we can get Sam and Max and their other projects ported to current-gen systems.

Are you excited for the redux? Let us know in the comments section below!

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